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Why hire our Dedicated Teams?

Partner with us to unlock your software potential today.

Top Talent

Our rigorous and detailed hiring process means that you have access to top 2% of available talent.

Confidentiality & Security

Security of your intelectual property maintained through strict NDAs.

Flexible Scalability

Scale team up and down with one week on-boarding time.

Competitive Rates

We take pride in offering competitive rates that set us apart in the industry.

High Retention Rate

Highest retention rate maintained through good salary packages, positive work environment and employee care.

Unlock Your Software Potential with Our Agile Team of Tech Experts

At Cloud Upload, we offer a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are ready to bring your software vision to life. Whether you need a stellar frontend experience, a robust and scalable backend infrastructure, cutting-edge cloud solutions, or innovative mobile app development, our team has you covered. With our flexible hiring options on an hourly basis, you can tap into our expertise based on your unique project needs. Partner with us and unlock your software potential today.

   Our UI/UX Designers

are dedicated to creating visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces that elevate your digital products and provide seamless user experiences.

  Our Software Architects

possess expertise to design scalable and efficient software systems, ensuring robustness and flexibility in your applications' architecture.

   Our Mobile App Developers

are skilled in developing high-performance and feature-rich mobile applications across various platforms, delivering engaging experiences to your users on the go.

   Our Web App Developers

have a deep understanding of web technologies and frameworks, enabling them to build dynamic and responsive web applications that meet your business requirements.

   Our IoT Professionals

excel in connecting devices, sensors, and platforms to create smart and interconnected systems, enabling you to harness the power of the Internet of Things for your business needs.

   Our Cyber Security Professionals

employ industry best practices to safeguard your digital assets, implementing robust security measures and proactive strategies to protect your systems and data from threats.

   Our Full Stack Developers

possess expertise in both frontend and backend technologies, enabling them to build end-to-end solutions that seamlessly integrate across the entire software stack.

   Our Project Managers

leverage their strong organizational and leadership skills to ensure smooth project execution, effective communication, and timely delivery of your software development projects.

   Our QA / SDET Engineers

rigorously test your software applications, ensuring high quality, reliability, and adherence to industry standards.

   Our Data Scientists

leverage advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to extract valuable insights from your data, enabling data-driven decision-making and unlocking the full potential of your business.

   Our AI / ML Specialists

possess deep knowledge in artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, enabling them to develop innovative solutions that automate processes, enhance productivity, and drive business growth.

   Our CRO Experts

analyze user behavior and employ data-driven strategies to optimize your digital products, improving conversion rates and maximizing your online business performance.

Make Your Dream Team in 3 Steps

Specify Your Requirements

With the right and detailed information, we can provide you with top talent to achieve your goals and skyrocket your business like never before. Drop us an email with your requirements or schedule a call so we know your expectations and provide you with a custom fit expert

Interview the Best Matches

Our top hiring talent establishes a team of remote developers under pre-agreed requirements. Selected candidates go through the recruitment process. You get a chance to set up the interviews as you want to ensure that you hire professionals.

Scale Up Business Instantly

We outfit remote developers' workspaces with the essential equipment. Recruiters and team leaders will handle the onboarding procedure, employee progress, and productive performance of employees. Taxes, vacations, and other administrative hassles are all managed by Cloud Upload.

Engagement Models

Affordable solutions for all your creativity needs.

Dedicated Team

Hire our expert dedicated team for your development team. We help you select the best fit for your needs on hourly rates.

Fixed Price

We deliver fixed price projects as per your requirements. Engage us to deliver a turn-key solution for your needs.


Our Clients

Digital Transformation

When we engaged Cloud Upload we weren't quite sure how this will work or how we will measure its success but we're already seeing its impact on our processes and workflows.

The engagement has sent a message of management's desire to leverage Technology which has brought a new wave of excitement for our employees. The teams are excited to get their small daily tasks automated which allows them to focus more on what matters the most..

Faisal Nadeem

Director - Dolmen Group

Easy IT Guidance

While managing a SME, I don't have time to look after the support functions. Cloud Upload has been helpful in providing guidance and identifying best Software to ease our cross-functional communication.

Ammar Ather Saeed

Partner - Saiduddin & Co.

vCIO service is helpful

Our IT problems have literally vanished since we engaged Cloud Upload. They took care of all our IT Policies, including Backups and Cyber Security. We are now able to focus on our business more without worrying about disasters.

Hina Usmani

Managing Partner - Usmani & Co